Overtaken by Work

Due to an unexpected and frantic work pace this week, posting has come to a crashing halt. It looks like, I am taking a short break until June 1.

Hope you will stick around and join me in June!

In the meantime, feel free to peruse the archived Bible Studies, Book Discussions, Poetry, and theJourney posts!

Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!

1 Chronicles 16:11, English Standard Version

Why do we quarrel and fight? photo

Why Do We Quarrel and Fight?

Why do we quarrel and fight? It’s because we are focused on what we want instead of what God desires. Therefore, submit to God.

Everyone Included Photo

Everyone Included

God is love and while our actions and responses can be detestable to him, His boundless love is for us – everyone included.

Sleeping Through the Storm Photo

Sleeping Through the Storm

Are we living in disobedience to God’s purpose for our lives? Are we sleeping through the storm of His rebuke, oblivious to His displeasure?

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An Apple Tree Among the Trees

Is your love for your spouse, and Christ, comparable to a desire for an apple tree’s refreshments among the trees of the forest?

Running Away Photo

Running Away from God

Are we running away from God’s purpose just as Jonah did? Avoiding the task because of our view of the people? Are we even aware of it?